About - dennisonjones

My interest in photography started over twenty years ago in high school while observing the beautiful old barns and farm houses that I passed daily on those tediously long buss rides that country kids endure.  Once I had my licence and transportation I took of with my dads 35 mm  camera and started exploring the country side.  It did not take long before I started including my friends as subjects and discovered portraiture.  Even now I stop the car and pull out my camera for an interesting scene.  

I am fortunate to have been able to make a career out of a life long passion.  I am enthusiastic about every event and I am passionate about giving you great pictures.   

Some of my other interest are sewing,  reading and graphic design. I live with my ever patient husband Malachi and our 2 year old daughter who takes off with my point and shoot to take her own pictures.